Postdoc Career Series - Dr. Oliver Bogler, Director of the Center for Cancer Training @ NCI

by CWRU Postdoctoral Association

Lecture/Speaker Audience: Postdoctoral Scholars

Thu, Oct 19, 2023

12 PM – 1 PM EDT (GMT-4)

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The speaker for this session is Dr. Oliver Bogler, Director of the Center for Cancer Training at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The speaker will discuss what they view as key opportunities, decisions, experiences, and skill development that led to their transition after their postdocs.

The goal of the Postdoc Career Series is to introduce postdocs to alternative career options outside of academia and explore new possibilities for growth.

• Educated in England, Oliver came to the US for a postdoc, and has held faculty positions most recently at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. His research focused on EGFR signaling and novel platinum compounds in glioblastoma. At MD Anderson he served as Vice President for Global Academic Programs and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and stewarded MD Anderson's education mission for 1,700 faculty and more than 2,000 trainees. After a stint at the ECHO Institute at the University of New Mexico, he joined NCI as Director of the Center for Cancer Training in 2020.
• Check out Oliver's podcast, Inside Cancer Careers (, which explores and illustrates the exciting world of cancer research training to bring a new generation of investigators into the field. Using a human-interest angle, trainees share their personal experiences throughout their journey, including when they take the leap to an independent position.

Moderator: Dr. Maura McCall, CWRU Postdoc in the School of Nursing

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