Fri, Oct 15, 2021

12 PM – 1 PM EDT (GMT-4)

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The Data Governance Committee at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) would like to formally invite all staff to a virtual “open forum” on Zoom to hear more about updates on the committee work and allow an opportunity to provide feedback on our next steps.

During our "policy" tour open forum, we will discuss the progress that has been made over the course of the last year and describe the roles and responsibilies policy for defining employee roles in the data governance accountability infrasctructure. These roles would define and document those accountable for data accuracy, data literacy, and data access within data domains across campus. This program is focused on university data assets for business processes, and doesn't include research data in the scope. We encourage all employees, faculty and staff, that are interested in data or manage systems of record to attend this informative webinar.

The Data Governance Committee is working to design and implement a data governance program that will create internal policies and standards around university data assets that will ensure data is consistent and trustworthy.

This program, when fully implemented, will:
–streamline access to data.
–improve compliance and accreditation reporting.
–increase the understanding of data through catalogs of business glossaries and business workflow documentation.
–reduce the risk of unintentional misuse of data and security vulnerabilities.
–leverage data assets at critical times, such as during this pandemic, to make important decisions that could have financial impact.

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