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Global Gender Report: The Researcher Journey Through a Gender Lens Event Logo

Global Gender Report: The Researcher Journey Through a Gender Lens

by Kelvin Smith Library

Academic Library Event Career Research

Wed, Apr 7, 2021

12 PM – 1 PM EDT (GMT-4)

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An Examination of Research Participation, Career Progression and Perceptions Across the Globe
This webinar will be recorded and shared with all registrants.

As part of Elsevier’s ongoing efforts to promote gender diversity and advance gender equity in academia using a data-informed approach, we produced the latest Global Gender Report: The Researcher Journey Through a Gender Lens. The report examines critical issues and performance in research through a gender lens using quantitative and qualitative research methods covering 16 geographies across 26 subject areas: Assessing gender diversity among researchers; Measuring research footprint by gender; Assessing author continuity and mobility; Evaluating collaboration patterns; and, Perceptions about gender-related issues in academia. The goal of this effort was to elucidate the role gender plays within the research enterprise, offering powerful data-driven insights for universities and other institutions that inform evidence-based policies and interventions, and to inspire further research studies. This work is part of a broad commitment to promoting systemic change for greater gender inclusion and diversity across research, and for extending learnings into other dimensions of inclusion and diversity that cover intersecting social identities.

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Holly J. Falk-Krzesinski, PhD, is the Vice President, Research Intelligence with the Global Strategic Networks team at Elsevier. Her key role is giving voice to research leaders at universities, funders, and science policy organizations to help Elsevier deliver the most impactful research information solutions to support research globally. Dr. Falk-Krzesinski focuses on how insights from data and analytics guide strategic planning for research institutions, funders and science policy organizations. Actively involved in the organization’s executive-level Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) efforts—advocating for greater gender diversity among STEMM leadership and promoting sex and gender-based analysis in published scientific studies—Dr. Falk-Krzesinski has been Co-chair of the Gender Equity Taskforce for 6 years as well as co-author on Elsevier’s two global gender analytics reports. Dr. Falk-Krzesinski's engagement activities include building partnerships around I&D and equity issues, moreover, she has been leading Elsevier’s efforts to consistently collect Gender Identity and Race & Ethnicity data across platforms for actionable insight.

Prior to joining Elsevier, Dr. Falk-Krzesinski was a faculty member and administrator at Northwestern University where she launched the Office of Research Development to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborative grant proposals and established the Office of Research Team Support & Development at the university’s CTSA Hub to drive evidence-based team science. She also helped launch the Chicago Collaboration for Women in STEM program. For more than a decade, Dr. Falk-Krzesinski has been an influential contributor to a growing community of research development professionals and the international community of practice for team science and the ‘science of team science’ field, with significant leadership roles with the National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP) and the International Network for the Science of Team Science (INSciTS). Dr. Falk-Krzesinski started her science career in the biomedical sciences and shifted to the social sciences, with experience in the academy, pharmaceutical industry and now in the research information/publishing industry; she continues to teach a grantsmanship course at Northwestern.


Private Location (rsvp to display)

Private Location (rsvp to display)

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