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Find out more about this component of the CCEL Scholars program.

The Global Citizenship Program in it's pilot program is a semester-long opportunity for students to enhance their ability to effectively communicate across cultures and develop greater understanding of and appreciation for different perspectives and experiences than their own. These skills will benefit them academically, personally and professionally and prepare them for career success.

Student Benefits
Global citizenship, and more specifically, intercultural learning, is a soft skill that has many benefits for current CWRU undergraduate students:

Improved Communication Skills - Greater efficiency can be achieved by minimizing misunderstandings as well as improving teamwork and communication
Personal Growth - By experiencing multiple perspectives, students will learn empathy and gain flexibility by learning to behave in changing environments, dealing with a range of social situations and adapting their behavior appropriately
Competitive Advantage - Employers are consistently looking for soft skills such as the ability to work in a team, communication, flexibility, interpersonal intelligence and others (NACE 2021) which are all intrinsically connected with intercultural competence

In general, building intercultural competence and global citizenship are essential for graduating students to be successful in the 21st century workplace. Students will explore more about their current and growing intercultural skills.

At the culmination of the Exploring Global Learning series, students who have completed the assignments thoughtfully and thoroughly will receive these tangible benefits:
Access to the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)
The Intercultural Development Inventory is the premier cross culturally valid assessment for building cultural competencies on an individual or group level. This assessment will be available to students upon ther completion of the program and will allow students to further develop their global citizenship, through practical and in-depth information provided in each student's individual, customized IDI profile report.
Digital badge via Credly
Credly is a digital badge that is already being offered across campus. There is the ability for students to add it to email signatures and LinkedIn profiles and with each badge, there is a description of the items completed and the learning accomplished for better transparency into the program by outside sources.
Recognition at the International Achievement Luncheon
The International Achievement Luncheon is an awards and recognition event hosted by the Center for International Affairs each spring, and will allow these students to showcase their achievements to a wide audience across campus.
Signed certificate of completion from the Vice Provost for International Affairs
A study abroad scholarship of $200
This scholarship will be applied to future study abroad programs (on the condition the student studies abroad at CWRU).
This amount will be able to offset passport or visa costs and will help minimize barriers to entry for students that have a financial need. There is no better way to experience in-person cultural interactions and after completing the Global Citizenship Program before studying abroad, students will be able to make the most of their time living and learning in another country.