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CWRU's humor magazine, est. 2000


About Us

The Athenian first began in the year 2000, started by a couple undergraduates who thought they were funnier than everybody else. Since the early days, The Athenian has grown into a publication featuring satire, comics, anecdotal humor, silly humor, black humor, irony, self-depreciation, and spelling errors. The Athenian is so named because the Case Western Reserve University mascot is the “Spartans”, and thus, being the smart asses we are, we chose the name of one of Sparta’s rival cities from back in the day. We’re The Athenian, we’re CWRU’s official student humor magazine, and we’re proud keep making people laugh (or at least smirk a little) since 2000.

Need more info? Feel free to send an email to our Editor-in-Chief, Ellie (, or our Managing Editor, Sofia ( to find what you need. You can also check out our website,









Members Benefits

You can join us in our mission to spread humor across campus.

Events & Activities

Come join us for Brainstorming meetings with lunch on us, satire workshops, and more all throughout the semester!

No Experience Required

Never written or designed for a magazine? No problem! As long as you bring an open mind and a bit of humor, you will fit in with us. We have plenty of opportunities for you to learn the ropes of satire.

The Sky's the Limit

The most important part about what we do is letting you have agency. Write what YOU like. Design what YOU like. As long as it fits with the issue theme, it works for us.

Our Team

Justin Zimmerman
Therese Geiger
Rowan Talmadge
Rowan Talmadge
Sara Ramaiah
Head of Design
Bernard Jim
Edith Barlin
Co-Business Manager
Sofia Lemberg
Managing Editor
Kevin Liu
Alyssa Guttman
Co-Business Manager
Ellie Rapp


The Athenian

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