"I've never rowed before. Can I still join?"

Of course! Most of our team had never been in a boat before college. We are looking for fit athletes with a competitive mindset. Case rowers come from all backgrounds, from track to football to marching band. The only hard requirement is a desire to challenge yourself and try something new. 

"When do you practice?"

Fall novice crews generally have on-the-water practice MWF at 6:00 P.M, and Saturdays in the A.M. Over the winter we begin to mix the varsity and novice together and practices move to the morning and increase in frequency in order to match the varsity workload.

Varsity athletes practice 6 days a week in the morning throughout the year, and will also regularly have additional PM lifts, erging, and cross training.

"How will this affect my grades?"

At Case Crew we are all students first and expect academic excellence from all our participants. Rowing, like any other involvement at CWRU, is a time commitment. But we have students from all majors see great success on and off the water with good time management and hard work. CWRU rowers actually have a higher GPA than the average student.

"How can I find out more?"

Fill out the form below and the appropriate captain will get back to you shortly. Or if you already have specific questions, please contact a captain directly Contact Us