Varsity Men

 Name  Year  Hometown  Major
Dore, Garrett  2  Chicago, IL  Mechanical Engineering
Fulton, David  3  North Andover, MA  Electrical, and Systems and Control Engineering
Mann, Sean  3  Buffalo, NY  Computer Science and Computer Engineering
McClung, Spencer  2  Eldersburg, MD  Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Nehila, Tim  2  Tenafly, NJ  Biology
Norchi, Ryan  3  Cleveland, OH  Cognitive Science
Nutt, Sam  3  Naperville, Illinois  Biochemistry
Steiner, Ian  3  Wildwood, MO  Civil Engineering
Swyers, Andy  3  St. Louis, MO  Chemical Engineering

Varsity Women

 Name  Year  Hometown  Major
Braunegg, Anneliese  4  Concord, MA  Computer Science
Bush, Kaitlyn  3  Boise, ID  Mechanical Engineering
Carlson, Sarah  2  Minneapolis, MN  Civil Engineering
Chu, Joyce  3  Midland, MI  Biology
Collins, Stephanie  4  Brooklyn, NY  Music and Chemistry
Francissen, Katie  2  St. Charles, IL  Chemical Engineering
Iversen, Ingrid  2  Oak Park, IL  Applied Math
Judge, Emily  2  Harrison, NY  Civil Engineering
Kus, Michaela  4  Walnut Creek, CA  Biology
Lai, Serena  2  Brookfield, WI  Biomedical Engineering
Pearson, Emmeline  3  Seattle, WA  Computer Engineering
Piccirillo, Madison  2  East Hampton, NY  Chemistry and Marketing
Schnittman, Emily  4  Montclair, NJ  Applied Math
Tompkins, Maria  3  Niagra Falls, NY  Civil Engineering
Velarde, Regina  2  Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico  Biomedical Engineering
Wetzel, Kirsten  2  Aurora, IL  Mechanical Engineering

Novice Women

 Name  Year  Hometown  Major
Fan, Victoria  1  Dublin, OH  Undecided
Kluender, Lindsay  1  Loveland, OH  Communication Science and Spanish
Magliato, Samantha  3  Biomedical Engineering  Bethesda, MD
Obman, Lauren  1  Chagrin Falls, OH  Undecided
Palmer, Nicole  1  St. Charles, IL  Chemical Biology
Paxson, Olivia  1  Golf, IL  Civil Engineering
Pezzuto, Dani  1  Boston, MA  Nutrition
Shaller, Grace  1  Wilton, CT  Mechanical Engineering
Sorgatz, Aleksa  1  Chicago, IL  Cognitive Science

Novice Men

 Name  Year  Hometown  Major
Jelley, Sam  1  Guilford, CT  Mechanical Engineering
LeeSheng, Yupin  1  Tenafly, NJ  Biology
Petruso, Alex  1  Cranbury, NJ  Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Radwan, Aziz  3  Cleveland, OH  Electrical Engineering
Reisman, Jonathan  1  Syosset, NY  Applied Math
Wise, Ian  1  Burbank, CA  Materials Engineering


 Name  Year  Hometown  Major
Miller, Samantha  3  Brecksville  Marketing
Scherner, Natalie  2  Powell, OH  Psychology
Timmermann, Genevieve  1  St. Louis, MO  Mechanical Engineering
Tobin, Elizabeth  4  Glen Ellyn, IL  Biology


Position Name Email
President Ian Steiner Ibs9@case.edu
Vice President Maria Tompkins mct56@case.edu
Treasurer Spencer McClung sam314@case.edu
Men's Captain Sam Nutt wsn7@case.edu
Women's Captain Emmeline Pearson elp65@case.edu
Safety Officer Serena Lai ssl75@case.edu
Secretary William Warren wcw18@case.edu
PR Chair Aleksa Sorgatz avs52@case.edu
Fundraising Chair Samantha Magliato snm32@case.edu
Alumni Chair Lindsay Kluender lrk36@case.edu
Apparel Chair Madison Piccarillo mip17@case.edu
Spring Break Chair Andy Swayers ams456@case.edu
Equipment Chair Sarah Carlson smc185@case.edu
Coxwain Chair Natalie Scherner njs101@case.edu
Assistant Regatta Chair Nicole Palmer nrp63@case.edu
Webmaster Samantha Miller sam293@case.edu