CWRU Libertarians

Previously known as Young Americans for Liberty, we are a libertarian organization at Case Western Reserve University that actively promotes the notions of limited government and personal freedom.


About Us

Case Western Reserve Libertarians (CWRL) is a nonpartisan campus libertarian group defending peace, civil liberties, privacy, and free markets. We demonstrate on campus, distribute educational materials, and hold seminars to spread the message of liberty. Meetings will be Tuesday nights at 8pm over zoom for the Fall of 2020. We will include a variety of activities in these calls, like civil debates, hosting speakers, and establishing connections with prominent Libertarian thinktanks and organizations.









We are Pro-Liberty and Pro-Equality

We are not Republicans or Democrats. We actively advocate against the authoritarian 2- party system dominating the United States. We want to decrease the ever-encroaching government that is no longer accountable to its citizens. Our ultimate goal is to put power back in the hands of the people and ensure the rights granted to us in the Constitution are ours. The people are supposed to limit the government's power and control, not the other way around.

Libertarians Advocate For:

Equal Treatment for Every Individual in the Justice System

Less Government Intervention in Business and Daily Life

An End to the War on Drugs and Wars in the Middle East

If you are questioning your political stance, or curious to see what else Libertarians believe please join in on one of our calls! Or if you're currently a Libertarian and wish to be apart of a group of like-minded individuals freedom advocates, this is the club for you!

Our Team

Jonathan Adler
Adam Skerl
Nicholas Nazak
Therese Ruane
Risk Manager
Laura Tartakoff


Case Western Libertarians

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