Bench Press Competition



Sun, Apr 30, 2023

12 PM – 7 PM EDT (GMT-4)

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Veale Center Gym

Veale Center, 10900 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OHIO 44106, United States

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More details will follow as the event approaches. Details are subject to change. Please check back soon! 

For questions, email

CWRU LIFT is hosting a bench press competition on campus with a co-sponsorship from GSC. Our goal is to HAVE FUN and LIFT HEAVY.

Important Notes:
- If you no longer plan to compete, please remove yourself from the event on CampusGroups.
- We will accept day-of-the-event registrations. However, we highly recommend you advise your friends to register on CampusGroups so that the event proceeds on time.
- Spectators get in FREE. Non-CWRU folks are allowed to spectate the day of the event. They will need to show ID at the front desk and state that they are going to the "CWRU LIFT Bench Press Competition."

The competition will be run similarly to a raw powerlifting event with two categories based on gender. You will need to check in on the day of the event and inform us which of the two categories you would like to compete in. We recommend arriving at 11:00 am. The lift should be smooth with your head, butt, and shoulders remaining on the bench. Your feet must remain on the floor (but the heels may come up). Belts, wrist straps, chalk, and sniffing salts are allowed. No bench shirts are allowed. We will not be doing an equipment or clothing check. However, we need to adhere to CWRU policy (e.g., socks/bare feet are NOT allowed, you cannot go shirtless). We will take your opening attempt at check-in (i.e., please know how much weight you want on the bar for your first attempt). You will get 3 attempts to bench as much weight as possible. You must pause the weight on your chest until you receive the PRESS command from the judge. We will let you go down in weight if needed.

To be eligible for prizes and/or break CWRU lifting records, you must weigh in.

We will discuss the rules more in-depth at the lifter meeting. Those who do not attend the lifter meeting, will not be able to compete.

Equipment we will be using:
- Veale bench press (in the open area, not one of the power racks)
- Standard bench press bar (there are multiple found in Veale)

We will have:
- 2-3 flights - A, B, C - based on the first attempt weight.
- Music playing during the event will be separate from what Veale usually plays and louder.
- Reserved seating for competitors and a limited amount of seating for spectators.
- Video/photographer. We plan to share the images/video with everyone after the competition.

Here is a rough schedule for Sunday, April 30th:
9:45 am: Volunteer Check-in/Arrival - Meet outside of Veale
10:00 am: Building opens/Final set up
11:00 am: Check-ins/Weigh-ins/Day-of-event-registration
11:15 am: Lifter meeting (mandatory)
11:30 am: Warm-ups
12:00 pm: Start time
3:00 pm: Event Conclusion
4:00 pm: After Party Starts (White Building, Undergraduate Lounge, First Floor)
5:00 Dinner & Award Ceremony
7:00 pm: Dismissal


Veale Center Gym

Veale Center, 10900 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OHIO 44106, United States