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There are two elements to the debating club, both equally weighted; the intellectual aspect and the competitive aspect. Members can choose how much of their experience in the club is about either of these two. The intellectual aspect is for the sake of the pure appreciation of intelligent thought and discussion. In this sense, debating is only a means for us to discover and explore interesting concepts in science, politics, philosophy, literature, etc. Debate here is not imagined as a competition as much as a means for us to improve ourselves and satisfy our curiosity and desire to express ourselves. The competitive aspect is similar, except it also seeks to use the debate to hone particular skillsets. This involves competition in massive competitions against other universities, improving our public speaking skills, learning to think quickly and effectively on your feet, and much else. Over here, we are competing with other teams in the sport of debate outside of only discussing interesting competitions. Both of these aspects as carefully integrated within the overall member experience at the club, and any member can choose how much they want to be involved in the competitive aspect outside of only seeing it as a space to express one's self. The World Universities Debating Championship is the largest debating competition in the world, and one of the world's largest annual student events. Our club focuses on this event as a milestone opportunity for all members. There are a number of other debating competitions that follow the same format which occur throughout the year, such as the Yale Inter-Varsity competition and the Cornell Debate Competition, which will be taking place during February this year, among a host of others. One of the focuses of the club will be to train and prepare for these tournaments and hope to do well at them, through weekly debate sessions. The WUDC and associated tournaments follow the British Parliamentary Debate System, which features four teams debating a motion (the topic) from either proposition (also called government) or opposition, with each speaker giving 7-minute speeches. The motion is revealed 15 minutes before the debate and teams are expected to prepare their cases during that period, and the topics are usually about politics, philosophy, international relations, etc. Therefore, it is a pretty fast-paced activity which makes it a lot of fun and requires very little pre-tournament preparation, apart from practice and training. Maybe you already have experience in parliamentary debating, or maybe not. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will arrange training sessions that will teach the basics to everyone and get some practice in, before we start attending official tournaments. The format is very easy to learn and very difficult to master, which makes it all the more fun! Apart from WUDC, we will also be looking at other formats and competitions based on the member's interests. The international debating circuit is a vibrant, diverse community with participants from all over the world. Former WUDC speakers and champions have gone on to become successful international lawyers, U.S Congresspeople, presidents, CEOs, and much more. You can be assured you will gain a lot of important skills and knowledge through your participation, and most importantly, make a lot of very special memories.









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The Debate Club seeks to develop public speaking and critical thinking skills among its members. Members will undergo a process meant to enhance their ability to think through tough global challenges and develop the ability to talk about their positions in a coherent, effective manner. We will also be competing in national and international debating competitions both in North America and abroad, giving an incredible opportunity to all members to learn and collect accolades. Furthermore, you will get access to a community of thoughtful, intelligent and curious students who are interested in finding more effective ways of thinking about themselves and the world.

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