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How to Join

The most important step in joining a fraternity and sorority is to become more aware of YOU!
  • What personal growth do I want to achieve and do/how can a fraternity or sorority facilitate that? 
  • What does support look and feel like to me? How do I define a supportive environment and is that reflected in the operations of the organizations I am interested in?
  • How will these organizations provide me with diverse experiences that will prepare me for life after college?

There are a few different ways to join a Panhellenic Sorority:
  • Formal Recruitment hosted annually in the spring semester
  • Attend informal events are hosted throughout the year hosted by Panhellenic Council and by the chapters
  • Sorority members take prospective members to coffee, lunch, etc. on in individual or small group basis
Joining a fraternity is done through an informal structure: 
  • Fraternities hosts various events throughout the year ranging in formality
  • Members invite prosective members to coffee or lunch Zoom meetings, Discord servers, etc.
  • Many fraternities are not currently recruiting, but plan to do so in subsequent semesters
Joining an NPHC fratnerity or sorority:
  • Typically freshmen are not permitted to join in their first semester, though very welcome at events
  • Reserach organizations, attend events and get to know members and organizational culture to reflect on which organization is best for you and why you believe it is best for you
  • Attend interest meetings
  • Respecting handsigns, calls and step or stroll is also important; these are very dear to the meaning of the organization and should only be done by members