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Planning on putting on an event or other programming?

Visit the 2020-2021 Programming FAQ for the Rules of the Road and to submit the Operations Programming Plan form. Additionally, if you are looking or ideas for your group, check out some of the programming ideas!


  • Recognition Criteria
    • The membership of a recognized organization must consist primarily of full- or part-time CWRU students, at least 50% of whom must be graduate students. The organization must have at least one advisor who is a member of the CWRU faculty.
    • No organization shall be recognized if it has any restrictions on its membership or participation in the group’s activities on the basis of handicap, race, religion, age, sex, gender identity/expression, color, disability, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, political affiliation, or status as a disabled veteran, or other protected veteran under US Federal Law in complete accordance with the CWRU non-discrimination policy.
  • The benefits to a student organization of obtaining recognition from the Graduate Student Council shall be:
    • The right to reserve and use University facilities, services, resources, and protections for meetings and events sponsored by the organization.
    • The right to be affiliated with the University by name.
    • The right to use the campus mail service for distribution of materials related to the purpose of that organization.
    • The right to use the University copy centers and audio-visual equipment available through the Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship at university rates.
    • The opportunity to use the program-planning resources of the Office of Graduate Student Life.
    • The right to request funding from the Graduate Student Council
  • Rights and Responsibilities
    • The Graduate Student Council upholds the University’s Student Rights and Responsibilities policy and requires that all recognized student organizations adhere to the policy as set forth in the General Bulletin and Student Services Guide.
    • Recognized student organizations shall be held accountable to the Student Rights and Responsibilities policy, through their leadership, for the entire academic year in which they have received recognition.
  • Follow these steps to be a GSC recognized student organization:
    • Previously unrecognized organizations may apply for Graduate Student Council recognition at any time throughout the budgetary year. Application approval will be at the discretion of the Director for Student Organizations.
    • The petition must include a charter of the organization, supplying the Constitution and/or bylaws, a statement of purpose, the operational procedures, the requirements for membership in the organization, the eligibility requirements and election procedures of its officers, and a declaration of affiliation with any other organizations at the campus, local, state, national, and/or international level(s).
    • The names and e-mail addresses of all officers and faculty advisers, as well as current membership figures that list the total number of members, CWRU students, and CWRU graduate students must be provided along with the petition.
    • All information supplied to the Graduate Student Council and the Director for Student Organizations must be truthful and complete. The petition for recognition must provide all the required information before the recognition process can begin. A copy of all recognition information will be maintained by the Graduate Student Council and shall be available for public inspection.
    • Email all the information mentioned above to the Director for Student organization ( for approval.
    • Once the documents have been reviewed, the group will be notified of the approval or disapproval via email. If denied by the Director for Student Organizations, the applicant may appeal the decision to the Council at a General Assembly meeting.