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Our mission is to spread awareness of local inspirational figures and promote interdisciplinary collaboration and communication. Our events would be to feature inspirational guest speakers followed by round table discussions.

For more details of our events, we have a list of events in preparation below. If you're interested in giving a talk or would like to recommend speakers, please feel free to contact us.









Previous and Upcoming events

2022 Spring

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2021 Fall

Art and AI

A group of students from department of art history, department of physics and department of biology initiated and worked on a project about art identification with artificial intelligence. The project has since evolved into a collaboration between the department of physics, department of art history and the Cleveland museum of art. They would talk about their stories of working on the project and collaboration between science and art.
Speakers: Lauryn Smith, Michael McMaster, Marcio O'Dwyre, Shishir Adhikari, Fang Ji, Sam Schwab, Sarah Lavin, Gundeep Singh
Time: Oct 12th 5-6pm EDT
Link to event zoom recording:
Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86l7QsBX4lg

Music and running nonprofit

Bethany Nickel is a former PhD student at the music department. She's on the board of music nonprofit PlayItForward.com. She had been the president of Graduate Council of Arts and Sciences too. Bethany would tell us about running nonprofit as a musician and music educator.
Speaker: Bethany Nickel
Time: 4:30pm, 2021/09/20
Reference: https://www.playitforward.com/about

Winning half-marathon at the South Pole

Allen Foster is a PhD student at the physics department working on cosmic microwave background. He would tell us about living at the South Pole as an astrophysicist.
Speaker: Allen Foster
Time: Sept 15th 12:00-12:45

Jewish Culture, the Restaurant Business, and Completing a Degree

Isabel Davidson recently graduated with a BA in Cognitive Science and Spanish, and is currently completing an MA in Cognitive Linguistics. Besides her studies, she's the manager of a Jewish restaurant here on campus, Kantina in uptown. She will tell us about American Jewish culture and what it's like to run a restaurant while in school.
Speaker: Isabel Davidson.     
Time: Tuesday, 2021/11/16 , 4-5pm

The Congressional Science Fellowship

After completing a post doc at Case physics, Dr. Laura Gladstone won a distinguished Congressional Science Fellowship award. She's going to tell us about the fellowship and what it's like to help policy making with the background of a scientist.
Speaker: Laura Gladstone
Ref: https://www.aps.org/publications/apsnews/202010/congressional.cfm

Speaker: Chad Weisman

Chad is going to tell us his story of battling alcohol to realize his law school dream.
Time: 2022 04 15 Fri 3:30- 4:30

Speaker: Austin Coley

Time: 2022 06 10 Fri.

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