Volunteering for the Physical Resource Center (PRC)

Thanks for the interest in being a volunteer! Being a volunteer at the PRC is an incredibly rewarding experience. You will be able to help members of the CWRU family directly by providing them with the best in-store experience possible.

Basic tasks include tending to the resource center (receiving donations, re-organizing inventory, etc) and the helping the students who come to us.

The way it works is simple:

1) Email Grace (gxy91@case.edu) with the subject line titled "PRC Volunteer Interest" In this email, please clarify if you would like to be a long-term volunteer or a flexible volunteer. Long term volunteering is perfect for those who look to take on regularly scheduled times throughout the semester. Flexbile volunteering works better for students looking to come in just one or twice for special shifts set up for specific tasks.

2) You will then be added to the PRC Volunteer email group and GroupMe where volunteering sign-up sheets will be posted. Volunteers also often use this platform to trade shifts or ask questions.

3) If you are a member of CCEL, GLO, or any other campus approved volunteering society, let us know and we will record your hours through a weekly form!

The store operates Wednesday and Saturday of every week from 1PM- 5PM.

Each shift lasts 2.5 hours and you will work with one other volunteer at all times.

Location: 11440 Uptown Ave (right next door to Mitchell's Ice Cream)

Grace Yepez-Connors