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Find our location, volunteer resources (training video, how to sign up, materials you need to volunteer, and links to join our community), and our contact information! We are currently closed, but the sign up slots for our first week open will be available soon on Campus Groups.


The PRC is a student-run initiative that is offering free resources such as clothing, furniture, kitchen supplies, school supplies, and a food pantry to help all faculty, staff, and students while promoting a culture of sustainability. By joining the PRC family you are actively creating a community dedicated to sustainability, service, and support.

Where are we located?

Carlton Commons, 11892 Carlton Rd, Cleveland, OH 44106

Top of the Hill, South Side, just climb the elephant stairs and turn right!

41.500815658131934, -81.60176755397477

Information for volunteers:

Volunteer Training Video


New to the PRC? Need a refresh on what to do? This video is a one-stop for all your volunteering needs.


Sign up to volunteer on CampusGroups Event page!

Volunteer Materials

Click on the links!

Volunteer Checklist

The Checklist is a condensed yet comprehesive description of what you should do as a volunteer at the PRC

General Item TrackingFood Pantry Inventory

During your shift, please fill out the tracking sheet as students take items

At the beginning and end of your shift, please fill document the quantity of each Food Pantry item listed

PRC Cancellation Policy

Need to cancel your shift? Review the procedure and policy for your cancellation here

PRC Late Policy

Going to be late to your shift? Review the procedure and policy for being late here

Join our Community!

Click here to join our GroupMe chat.

Follow these instructions to join our GoogleGroups:

Click on the "All Groups" tab
Search for "PRC Volunteers"
Click "Request to Join"

Who to contact:

Interested in volunteering? Wanting to help our recruitment efforts? Looking to collaborate?

Email us!