What is an Internal Co-Sponsorship?

If you have any questions about the process or a pending co-sponsorship, please contact the Executive Vice President of Audit & Finance, Jared Heller (vpaf@case.edu).

Internal Co-Sponsorship Purpose:

To further our mission of building community and bettering the student experience in the residence halls, RHA offers Community Councils the opportunity to request financial support from the General Body of RHA.

Internal Co-sponsorship Mission Statement:

The function of Internal Co-Sponsorships shall be to provide financial support to Community Councils to fund Community Council events, projects, and initiatives upon preliminary screening of an application by the Executive Vice President of Audit and Finance and final approval by the General Body of the Residence Hall Association.

Internal Co-Sponsorship funds should be extended in support of events, projects, and initiatives that align with the Residence Hall Association’s goal of community building through:

The establishment and maintenance of long-standing traditions;

Enhancement of the residential experience through:


Community Engagement;

Relationship Building;

The providing of necessary resources to residents.

The focus of every Internal Co-Sponsorship should be the use of RHA powers and privileges to benefit the residential experience through the collaboration a Co-Sponsorship entails.

Internal Co-Sponsorship Details:

Please read through the following information carefully before submitting your request.

RHA has updated our co-sponsorship process to allow the General Body to vote on the passage of co-sponsorships outside of our weekly meeting time. The virtual co-sponsorship process now involves members of the General Body receiving and reading the co-sponsorship application and voting virtually on whether to pass the co-sponsorship, deny the co-sponsorship, or discuss the co-sponsorship at the next General Body meeting. At least 70% of the General Body must choose to pass or deny the co-sponsorship in order for the action to be taken. Please note that voting members of the community council requesting a co-sponsorship cannot vote on the co-sponsorship application for a council of which they are on. In addition, members of a council of which a co-sponsorship is being requested for cannot be present during voting if it takes place during a General Body meeting. If an action is taken, you will be notified immediately after the vote closes. Otherwise, your organization will be invited to present at our next General Body meeting. There shall be no more than two presentations at each General Body meeting unless approved by the General Body and you will receive 3 minutes to present and 3 minutes to hold a Q+A about your co-sponsorship. We will contact you at least one week in advance with the General Body meeting date and time at which you may need to present. Please be prepared to send a representative to that meeting in the case that the General Body chooses to discuss your co-sponsorship further in person.

Due to the change in the process, it is vital that your organization takes the time to provide as much detail in this application form as possible. Your submission will play the largest role in the General Body's ability to decide how they would like to vote regarding your co-sponsorship. We strongly encourage each community council to provide us with as much information as possible and to make sure that all of the supporting documents, especially the itemized budget, are up-to-date.

Internal Co-Sponsorship Policies:

Failure to adhere to the below policies will result in denial of your request:

Community Councils must be able to demonstrate and explain appropriate residential interest, need, and benefit from the proposed event.

Community Councils may apply for only one co-sponsorship per semester.

Submissions for co-sponsorships must be submitted in full through the application form at least three weeks in advance of the event. If the event is within three weeks of receiving the application, the Vice President of Audit and Finance will deny the application before it is brought to the General Body for a vote.

All information to be shown to the General Body must be included in the application submission, including event details, finalized budget, and advertisement information. Powerpoints, if needed for the possible presentation, must also be submitted.

All marketing materials for a co-sponsored event must prominently feature the RHA Logo.

Submission of this application form in no way guarantees passage of your request. All co-sponsorship requests will be reviewed internally, resulting in a maximum of two requests being presented at each General Body meeting. Those chosen to present before the General Body will be notified in advance with details of the presentation.