Case Western Reserve University | Groups
Thwing Study Over (TSO)
Pros Suggestions
  • Improved on keeping track of expenses 
  • Great efforts towards sustainability
  • None! Keep up the great work!

Class Officer Collective (COC) 
Pros Suggestions
  • Demonstrated effort to implement our suggestions and they improved by doing so
  • Made their own ledger to keep track of spending 
  • The amounts on their budgets match their ledger 
  • Showed improvement in checks and balances for cohort and executive treasurers. 
  • Make an official line item in the budget to account for purposeful rollover to put towards Snowball 
  • Further separate executive and cohort positions and responsibilities to prevent conflicts of interest in budgeting 
  • Recommend removing the "Involvement" tab from the budget  

Senior Week 
Pros Suggestions
  • Budgeted deficit properly. Allows for the eradiciton of the budget for the future. 
  • Reformat the budget (refer to parent organization UPB or external budget templates)
  • Send a representative who is familiar with the budget and organization. 

University Programming Board (UPB)
Pros Suggestions
  • Very clear budget
  • Alphabetized expenses sheet for great organization
  • Meets with committees so they have input in budgeting 
  • Responsible rollover 
  • Did not delete extra, unused rows
  • Should have a plan in place for the unexpected rollover. 

University Media Board (UMB)
Pros Suggestions
  • Improved budget format from 2017-2018. It became significantly clearer. 
  • Open to hearing and implementing the suggestions in the future.  
  • Too much internal overspending on food for meetings. Don't spend food at Exec meetings. 
  • Provide more detailed budget with line items including (but not limited to) rollover breakdown, emergency fund amounts, a tab with self-made ledger, etc. 
  • Include organization budgets within UMB budget. 
  • Attempt to dissolve the Emergency Fund 
  • Try to prioritize renovations less and student activities more

Undergraduate Diversity Collaborative (UDC)
Pros Suggestions
  • Pleasure to meet with! Transparent, respectful, collaborative. 
  • Like the 75% usage policy for student groups. 
  • Working on encouraging groups to utilize their spending with both incentives and punishment  
  • Show all of the money spend for organizations (including club funds)
  • Clarify "Organization Allocation" by adding an "allocated" tab. 
  • Keep better track of club spending with more accurate numbers. 
  • Bring back the colors! 
  • Encourage higher utilization of organization money. 

Interfraternity Congress/Panhellenic Council (IFC/PHC)
Pros Suggestions
  • The checkbook looked great
  • Some good campus-wide and broad
    community initiatives and events (ex. Welcome Back BBQ)
  • Don’t fund the Inamori Ethics Prize
  • Please send the whole and updated
    budget before audits. Anything
    regarding SAF money should be seen
    by the Allocations Committee.
  • Budget closer to expected amounts

Undergraduate Student Government (USG)
Coming April 23rd!