From: International Student Services
Date: September 6, 2022
Subject: ISS News, August 31, 2022: Welcome, Check In with ISS, Registration Reminders, University Closed September 5, Upcoming Workshops, Welcome [Back] Party, Mid-Autumn Festival, Study Abroad Fair, Cleveland Air Show, Welcoming Week, Good Vibes, and More

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August 31, 2022


in this issue:

  1. Welcome [Back] to CWRU
  2. Check In with ISS
  3. SEVP Guidance for the Academic Year
  4. Registration & Your Visa Status
  5. Grads: Waiver of Registration Information
  6. ISS Closed- Monday, September 5
  7. Chat with ISS During Advising Hours
  8. Manage Tuition Payments & More
  9. CPT Workshops
  10. Features
  11. Campus Happenings
  12. Other Opportunities
  13. Good Vibes Only

ISS Staff is available to students, without an appointment, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday during advising hours:

11am to 1pm- through virtual advising available online

1pm to 3pm- through in-person advising in the office

There are no advising hours on Wednesday.


If you need to speak with an advisor outside of our advising hours, please send an email to to schedule an appointment. Please provide your full, legal name and a brief description of the nature of your appointment when you contact us.

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Welcome [Back] to CWRU!

We are so glad you're here!

For all new international students and students starting new programs
, we know that this is a very exciting time for you- classes are starting, you're getting to know Cleveland, you're learning about the United States and American culture, and you're making new friends- but remember to check in with ISS as soon as possible through your TerraDotta account at Checking in online is the first step you must complete to properly maintain your F-1/J-1 student visa status.

For all returning international students, don't forget to report on any substantive changes to your academic plans and personal contact information since last semester.  There are many electronic forms here to help you report changes and you can update your address and emergency contact information in SIS.

Whether you're a new or continuing student, we're happy to have you here. We look forward to working with you while you study here at CWRU!

check-in on laptop

Check In with ISS

Students New to CWRU or Beginning a New Program at CWRU:

If you are new to CWRU or beginning a new program at CWRU this semester, you need to check in online as part of the process to maintain your visa status. 

To Check In:

If you are on campus this semester to begin your program, please access the Instructions on How to Check In with ISS and complete the process immediately. Check-in is a time-sensitive process.

We cannot process any on-campus employment or Social Security Number paperwork until you have been checked in.

If you will not be coming to the United States this fall, do not check in using the instructions above. It is critical that you complete the survey instead.  If you have not done so yet, please do so immediately. 

Thank you for your attention and cooperation!

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SEVP Guidance for Academic Year 2022- 2023

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced that the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) would continue to apply its flexible guidance through the 2022-2023 academic year. As a result, international students will be able to engage in distance learning that exceeds existing regulatory limits in light of the pandemic’s ongoing public health risks and safety concerns. 

ISS' website with COVID-19 Updates now includes access to this SEVP guidance for Academic Year 2022-2023 and we will continue utilizing all of the tools and processes that we have in place to make sure that students are properly registered to maintain their status. 

If we learn or any new information, we will continue to make updates to the website and send communications to you.

Please contact ISS staff at with any questions or concerns and we will do our best to support you.

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Registration & Your Visa Status

ISS just wants to remind you that, as international students, you are required to be properly registered for a full-time course load while you're studying in the United States as an F-1 or a J-1 student. This is mandatory by US Federal Regulations.

There are very few exceptions to full-time registration requirements and only ISS can determine whether you qualify for one of them.  Always register for full-time and never drop below a full-time courseload without first speaking with an advisor in ISS.   Improper registration could have serious consequences, including termination, for your visa status.

If you have already completed coursework abroad through online learning during previous semesters, you must still be registered full-time unless ISS determines that you qualify for an exception. 

We will be verifying each student's registration over the next several weeks. If we detect a problem with your registration or have questions, we will be contacting you by email. It's extremely important that you follow up with us promptly and work to quickly resolve the matter so that your visa status is not negatively impacted.

If you have questions, never hesitate to contact our office at or get in touch during advising hours!

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Grads: Waiver of Registration Information

If you are a graduate student planning to submit a Waiver of Registration , it is essential that you understand the impact of this decision on your visa status. The Waiver of Registration is an administrative process of the university, but does not fulfill federal regulations that stipulate a requirement to be properly registered at all times. Proper registration is required to maintain your visa status and if you are not properly registered, you need to take other steps to maintain your visa status.

Keep in mind:

  • By virtue of submitting a Waiver of Registration, ISS is obligated to shorten the length of your I-20 to reflect the Drop/Add deadline. Your legal status in the US actually becomes shorter because it is now based on this Drop/Add deadline rather than your future intended graduation date.
  • In order to maintain your visa status after submitting a Waiver of Registration, you must, in a timely manner, either apply for OPT or make arrangements to begin a new academic program.

OPT applications must be submitted within the 60 day grace period following the new Drop/Add deadline. Don't forget, it takes an average of 90-120 days for an OPT application to be processed. If you wait too long to apply, you're not likely going to be authorized for your full 12 months of OPT.

If you intend to begin another academic program, to maintain your current F-1 status (and SEVIS record), your new academic program must start within 5 months of the Drop/Add deadline. Any program beginning later than 5 months will result in you falling out of status.

If you do not intend to maintain your status either through OPT or continued education, you are required to leave the United States within 60 days of the Drop/Add deadline. Remaining in the US beyond the 60 day grace period can have extremely negative consequences such as fines and being barred from the US in the future.

Please get in touch with ISS if you have additional questions or concerns. We are here to help!

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ISS Closed- Monday, September 5

The university will be closed on Monday, September 5 in observance of Labor Day. ISS will be closed as well.

Regular business hours will resume on Tuesday, September 6.

virtual advising chat box

Chat with ISS Staff During Advising Hours

Have a question? Need Support? Connect with an ISS staff member during Advising Hours.

Virtual Advising is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., EST. The chat box (it looks just like the picture) will be available on our website.  Please keep in mind that the advisor may be assisting multiple students, so we do appreciate your patience.  During virtual advising, an advisor might determine that your situation requires a visit to the office or even an appointment to best serve you.

In-person advising is available 1 to 3 p.m., EST. Come by the office then (no appointment needed) to meet with an ISS advisor.

You can request an appointment by emailing Please be prepared to briefly describe the nature of your appointment when you contact us so that we can prepare. Same-day appointments are not generally available; an appointment for the next business day is typically the earliest we can schedule.

Outside of Advising Hours, students can drop off and pick up paperwork at the front desk, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.   Anything that requires interaction with an advisor needs to happen during Advising Hours, through whichever method is most appropriate.

Advisors are looking forward to chatting with you online and in-person!

tuition payment information sign

Manage Tuition Payments & More

The SIS Finances User Guide provides you with a step-by-step look at how to manage tuition billing and financial services at Case Western Reserve University. Get started here!
This way to CPT image

CPT Workshops

ISS is offering Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Workshops to go over in detail the application process, student responsibilities, and other important considerations. The workshop schedule is now available on our website.

Being well informed about CPT before you apply is a must. ISS feels very strongly about this, which is why we require all students to complete a workshop prior to applying for each CPT authorization. ISS will not accept CPT applications from students who have not completed a workshop in a timely manner.

For more information about completing a required CPT workshop and other details about CPT, visit our website and scroll down to the CPT section. Please be sure to very carefully read all of the information there.


Welcome party flyer


Asian Mid-Autumn Mooncakes 2022

Friday, September 9
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Private Location (register to display)
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All CWRU students are invited to celebrate the Asian Mid-Autumn Festival on Friday, September 9 from 1-2 pm on the Case Quad!

The Center for International Affairs will be handing out FREE mooncakes and stuffed rabbits as long as supplies last!

The Asian Mid-Autumn Festival is a celebration of a successful harvest throughout much of Eastern Asia and is enjoyed by bringing together families and friends. It goes by many names including Tet Trung Thu, Tsukimi and Chuseok.

Traditions vary, but often include celebrating the harvest of rice and wheat by eating special desserts like mooncakes, sharing stories, and hanging lanterns. The moon is an important part of the holiday, and it's common for celebrations to take place at night to provide an opportunity to enjoy it. The rabbit is a popular symbol of the festival based on Chinese mythology.

You can learn more about the festival with the Kelvin Smith Library's Asian Mid-Autumn Festival Resource Guide:



CWRU Study Abroad Fair 2022

Friday, September 9
10:00am - 2:00pm
Private Location (register to display)
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Join us for the annual CWRU Study Abroad Fair on Friday, September 9 from 10 am - 2 pm outdoors on the Case Quad! The Study Abroad Fair features all of the various options available to CWRU students: faculty-led CWRU courses that go abroad over school break times, full summer and semester programs abroad, internships and research abroad and so much more! International representatives of study abroad programs, CWRU faculty who lead programs, CWRU students who have gone abroad and CWRU's Study Abroad Advisors will all be in one place to help you start your journey abroad! Study Abroad CAN fit into your time at CWRU!

EA winter break 2022 flyer
EA drop in hours flyer
Cleveland Bucket List Flyer

Campus Happenings


CWRU Innovation Week 2022

Monday, September 12 at 12:30pm
to Friday, September 16 at 3:00pm
TVUC and Thwing Center, 10900 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44106, United States
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Celebrate and engage in Case Western Reserve University’s culture of innovation and entrepreneurship during our inaugural Innovation Week, Monday, Sept. 12, to Friday, Sept. 16. All interested faculty, staff, students are encouraged to attend. Free lunch is included at all events!

During Innovation Week, attendees will learn more about:
- Case Western Reserve’s amazing success stories of innovation and their impact on the world;
- Innovation and why it is a crucial element of academics and research;
- Mechanistic activities that comprise invention disclosure and patenting;
- The value and importance of working with external entities, third-party collaborators and industry partners; and
- Support programs and protocols for applying for innovation funding.

Events will include five daily lunch sessions (lunch is free!)—including a kick-off panel discussion featuring advice from venture capitalists Monday, Sept. 12—as well as a celebration from 4 to 6 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 15, to honor our top faculty innovators. All students and postdocs encouraged to enter the Pitch-Your-Poster Contest on Friday, Sept. 16 for a chance to win one of up to ten $1,000 awards!

Register for each Innovation Week event below.

I'm Fine flyer
free access program image

Free Access Program

See What Cleveland Has to Offer - Free for CWRU Students

career fair image

Upcoming University Career Fairs

Engineering, Technology and Science Virtual Career Fair
Monday, Sept. 26, 2022 | 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. EDT

Employers who attend this event are interested in recruiting CWRU students and alumni who are seeking careers in the fields of engineering, computer science, natural sciences, and more.

Business, Arts and Service Virtual Career Fair
Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2022 | 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. EDT

Employers who attend this event are interested in recruiting CWRU students who are seeking careers in the fields of business, social sciences, law/government, public service, art, and more.

Virtual Career Fair
Thursday, Oct. 6, 2022 | 2 to 5 p.m. EDT

Through Handshake’s virtual fair platform, you'll meet employers through scheduled one-on-one meetings and group information sessions.

Stay up-to-date on all career fair details on the Post-Graduate Planning and Experiential Education website.

Other Opportunities

blue angels image

Cleveland Air Show, Labor Day Weekend

This weekend is the Cleveland Air Show.  You may see or hear military jets flying over campus- do not be alarmed! They are practicing for the show. If you are interested in attending the event, please visit their website for more information. It's a great opportunity to see planes up close and watch professional pilots perform amazing feats!!

Global Cleveland Invites You to Welcoming Week

Good Vibes Only

During this very challenging time, ISS staff wants you to know that we are thinking about you- hoping you are safe, healthy, staying positive- and sending out good vibes!

In this section, we are including some things that we hope will make you laugh and smile, help you relax, be entertaining, give you something to do, etc.

This is a good vibes only section!

A Little Academic Humor.  With Minions. image image

If you would like to promote your event or opportunity through ISSNews, please make a complete submission (including flyers, images, details, etc.) for consideration by noon on Monday to ISS cannot guarantee that all submissions will appear in the newsletter, as space is limited, but staff will review all timely submissions for consideration.