From: Interfraternity Congress/Panhellenic Council
Date: January 14, 2021
Subject: {Greek Newsletter} Special Edition: Update on Greek Life Action Plan, Racial Literacy Series

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Greek Life Action Plan

This past summer served as a strong catalyst for change for the Greek Life community, Greek Life Staff, alumni, and even on a national Greek life landscape.  The Greek community acknowledges that our efforts were not sufficient in facilitating active bystanders, addressing sexual misconduct, building inclusive organizations, and ensuring the safety and wellness of, not only members in our community, but the larger CWRU community.  We spent this summer bringing together CWRU community members (faculty, staff, students), national representatives, and other partners to better understand what needed to be done to ensure our community is a safe, inclusive, supportive, values-driven community. 

As a result of these conversations, we identified four key behavior changes that needed to be addressed immediately.  For true culture change to occur, it requires a multi-level approach (community level education, policy change, accountability, chapter-level education, policy change, accountability, and individual education, accountability, and ownership in these changes).  For our community to ensure sustainability in changing these behaviors, we rooted our efforts in the important skills that needed to be built within the individual members within our community.  These skills are connected to our Culture of Care philosophy within the community and our community assessment efforts.  By formalizing this connection between our goals and assessment, we will be able to more clearly understand and articulate the impact we are having on the individual members within our community.  

This action plan is a collaborative effort between the Office of Greek Life and the Greek Life community leadership. Within each strategy we have identified the important action steps for this year to help us move closer to ensuring our community is safe, inclusive, supportive, and values-driven.  This plan is continuously evolving and we welcome any feedback or points of collaboration. 

Key Behavior Changes

  1. Greek students are active bystanders in situations that could lead to physical and/or emotional harm

  2. Greek students can define and obtain consent for sexual activity

  3. Greek students are actively engaged in creating anti-racist organizations 

  4. Greek Students are able to be advocates for their physical and emotional wellness


    In early December of 2020, the Greek Life Action Plan was submitted to the For A Better CWRU Student-Led Task force. It can be found in its entirety, including Spring 2021 Priorities and more detailed action items, on the task force webpage at the bottom. 


Through the spring 2021 semester community members will get the opportunity to participate and increase their familiarity and confidence with the aspects of racial literacy - history/language, intrapersonal reflection, and interpersonal engagement. This workshop series consists of four educational workshops as well as three workshops focused on facilitation skills, that seek to cultivate the skills for racial literacy through meaningful activities, vulnerable dialogue, tangible takeaways, actionable steps, and continual self-evaluation to track progress.
We believe this Racial Literacy program is essential in building an anti-racist community.

Train-the-Trainer Session 1

Friday, January 15th, 2021 from 2-5pm EST. 
Sign up to participate in the train-the-trainer track here and for the virtual meeting information.