From: Elyssa Kim
Date: April 20, 2021
Subject: {Greek Newsletter} Legacy Week


Legacy week is a celebration of the unique history of CWRU. Each department, college, and umbrella organization celebrates their various place within this history with fun facts, throwbacks, and other fun activities. 

Greek life will have two activities this week. Today, April 20th, keep an eye out for social media posts by chapters on their own history on our campus. Then on Thursday, April 22nd, between 12 pm and 4pm, travel to some of our chapter houses/other locations to pick up a giveaway and a link to a website with even more fun facts! A map will be posted that morning. 

Our Story Our Voice
Our Story Our Voice is a program that was created to help those in sororities or who identify with femininity to feel more empowered and connected to others. This year, our theme is the word "Reclaim." We will be focusing on taking back our femininity as well as the intersection between gender and other identities. 

Come join us on Thursday at 7 pm on Zoom to watch some videos and discuss what this means to us! All students are welcome.
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Soter and Soteria: Examining Greek Guardianship

Please come join us on the second session of the Soter and Soteria: Examining Greek Guardianship. We will be continuing our discussion about how to deliver our chapter policies in a meaningful way and learn skills to lead the conversations, while also reflecting on your roles and what experiences you want your members to have. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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LHM's Earth Day Trash Collection

Submit a picture of you collecting trash on Earth Day! Everyone who submits a picture will be entered into a raffle to win a sustainability-related prize, and the chapter with the most submissions will get a donation to their philanthropy from LHM! If you collect trash with a group, please follow social distancing guidelines and submit an operations programming plan if necessary. All group members are allowed to submit a picture.
*Submissions are due at 11:59pm ET on Earth Day, 4/22*

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Center for Women's Sexual Assault Awareness Month Events

The GL Sexual Harassment EPIC Task Force is providing rewards in the form of FREE Mitchell's scoops randomly to Greek members who attend some of the Center for Women's (CFW) events this month that are bringing awareness to sexual assault. To register for these events, you can check the Center for Women's website and social media for more information. Please email Asia Moore ( with a list of the SAAM events that you attended at the end of April and we will add you to the list of members who are eligible for the free Mitchell's scoop. At the end of April, the task force will be randomly picking several members from the list to receive the free Mitchell's scoops.

Upstander: Project Connection Dialogue Series – Consent is Sexy

Many of us have been taught the definition of consent, but what does that actually look like? What do we actually say? In this dialogue we will talk about ways people ask for and receive consent in real terms. Also, since consent is a question, we may sometimes get a no. How do we respond to that in a way that strengthens relationships? Please join us in welcoming back Jamie Greenwolf and Sarah Ferrato as our wonderful facilitators for this dialogue.

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Apply to be a Greek Community Educational Consultant!

The Greek Life Office is hiring the next Panhellenic Council Greek Community Educational Consultant (GCEC) and we need your help finding them! Click
HERE to see the attached job description and application for more information on the activities that the GCEC executes. If you have further questions about the role, I encourage you to reach out to Maeve Salm (mfs99) or Andrew Frye (amf187) to learn more from their perspective!

Applications are due Monday, May 3 by 9:00 am to
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get involved in the community

Letters for Senator Brown
Help Sunrise CWRU collect more letters to deliver to Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown pressuring him to champion the Green New Deal (specifically a federal jobs guarantee), with a focus on including massive public transit funding in COVID-recovery legislation. It only takes a few minutes to write a letter! Template link: Please email your letters to

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