Student Activities & Leadership Ambassadors

Learn more about our involvement on campus.

Our Mission and Values

As student ambassadors, we are committed to:

Events & Activities

Promoting SA&L and assisting in planning/implementing office events and initiatives.

Leadership Development

Developing leadership and skill-based workshops for student leaders and organizations.

School Spirit

Celebrating student leaders and organizations and fostering a sense of campus pride.

About Us

The SA&L Ambassadors work with the Student Activities and Leadership Office (SA&L) to actively engage on committees for various SA&L signature programs (i.e., Emerging Leaders Program (ELP), Fall Leadership Conference, StrengthsQuest, Homecoming etc.); influence leadership development of CWRU students and the 200 plus USG-recognized, non-academic student organizations.

We believe in the power of students to impact the campus and Cleveland area through community learning, school spirit, and student engagement & involvement. As SA&L student ambassadors, we strive to support one another and provide a platform to communicate ideas while building a supportive community among student leaders. Through personal leadership development, we work to make our community a more inclusive and vibrant place!