Big Games Club


About Us

In the intense academic environment which is Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), it is easy to forget that fun is an important part of a balanced life. The aim of the Big Games Club (BGC) is to provide opportunities for players to have fun on a college campus that they would not otherwise be able to experience. These games will permit participants to create new friendships by interacting and forming connections in a fun, non-academic setting.

Humans vs. Zombies is a CWRU's premier zombie apocalypse Simulation. It is a campus-wide game and a campus tradition that encourages the players to look at their everyday lives in a new, fun way. Hosted every semester (once in October and once in March), HvZ is a 10-day-long recreation of our very own zombie apocalypse. Grab a Nerf blaster, some socks, and some ramen, and see how long you can survive. Or stalk campus searching for the delicious brains of unsuspecting humans. Missions, held every other night, promote intense gameplay as large groups of humans and zombies try to complete an objective.

Nerf Wars, held on the weekends during warm weather, are a chance for students to run Nerf minigames, experiment with new blasters, and have a blast(er) "roaming and foaming."

Big Games Club also hosts other pop-up events, such as Humans vs. Zombies vs. Cancer - a fundraiser minigame of HvZ for Relay for Life - and a large-scale snowball fight.