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The Case Hinduism Club is dedicated to providing anyone with an interest in Hinduism with a space to learn about and discuss the philosophies and teachings of one of the world's most ancient, and popular belief systems. We discuss both the fundamental truths of life, the universe, and the nature of everything, as well as morals and rules applicable to living daily life in the best way possible. Through open, student-led discussions, qualified lectures by leaders and speakers in the Hindu community, off-campus outings/activities, and partnerships with organizations within the Cleveland community, the Case Hinduism Club aspires to guide students, both Hindu and non-Hindu alike, towards a better understanding of the unique and highly applicable knowledge of Hinduism.









This month, we are holding the event of a Hindu Mythology Trivia night on the 9th of April. Registration can be found on campusgroups and participants have a chance to win 30$ worth of food-related gift cards.

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Ronit Pullemla Profile

Ronit Pullemla

Freshman Representative
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Pratham Ved Bhashyakarla

Freshman Representative
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Vikranth Mallikarjun

Prabin Dahal Profile

Prabin Dahal

Sophomore Representative
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Amita Nanda

Public Relations Chair
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Raunak Bhimsaria

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Mohit Kosuru

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Vaishnavi Kumar

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Rohan Govind

Social Chair
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Varshini Krishnan

Sophomore Representative
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Ritika Devarakonda

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Rekha Srinivasan



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