Crossroads of Healthcare

healthcare from all angles.


Engage in a solution-oriented discourse surrounding relevant healthcare topics in a space that invites students from all backgrounds regardless of academic or healthcare experience.


Go a step further to build upon the discourse and illuminate relevant healthcare concepts to the surrounding community via social media.


Obtain different perspectives from a diverse range of guest speakers with experience in the healthcare industry.

About Us

We seek to understand the medical, business, and societal institution that is healthcare, specifying but not limited to, the mainstream conversation around ethics, the social determinants of health, health finance, and health policy. We aim to recognize all healthcare facets including those aforementioned as they become topically relevant. With the vast number of fields that weave into the institution of healthcare, we want to create an inclusive atmosphere of constructive dialogue where students of diverse backgrounds can learn and question the status quo. To supplement this conversation, we plan to bring in guest speakers that provide insight into the different facets of healthcare. In creating this space, our goal is to eventually work in improving health literacy in our surrounding community by elucidating relevant topics such as health insurance, health policy, and financial literacy in a distilled, easy to understand form.









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Crossroads of Healthcare does not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, gender expression, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or socioeconomic status.

Note: In relation to this clause, we are always looking to improve the student experience so we take any feedback earnestly and confidentially.


Crossroads of Healthcare

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