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About Us

The comedy club of Case Western Reserve University is a club for all students to perform and watch comedic performances that have been prepared by the Case Western community and other surrounding institutions. The club will conduct shows consisting of stand-up comedy, funny skits, and other alternative performances. There is no limit when it comes to comedy and everyone at this school should have a chance to make people laugh.









Getting Involved

Go to a show

If you like comedy, feel free to come out  to one of our shows. At an open mic, there's no telling who will be the best on stage. Follow us on Instagram at to find out about all our latest events.

Want more than to perform?

If you want to get involved with the club and be more than a performer, feel free to reach out to one of our officers. We plan the shows, manage, and prepare big events for the club. Here we love big ideas.

A New Perspective

If you have no idea how to be funny, we can help with that too. Come to one of our feedback meetings where we comment on each other's performances before they go on stage.

Events & Activities

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Meeting new students with shared interest

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Case Comedy Club

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