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The Case STEM Educate (CSE) aims to pique scientific interest in the underprivileged youth by creating engaging, interactive and easy-to-understand academic resources. Several systematic barriers, such as fewer compelling academic resources, family background, and lack of mentorship opportunities, prevent students from developing an inclination towards STEM. CSE aims to mitigate this disparity by creating accessible and interesting online resources such as interactive textbooks containing cute illustrations and videos; ultimately making the idea of "science" truly appealing for younger students–rather than solely supporting grade enhancement. These resources will be distributed and introduced to underserved education systems through in-person visits to elementary schools in group activities. We will also be collaborating with the Leonard Gelfand STEM Center by organizing and running STEM workshops for the local youth. Through our dedication in creating an equitable environment where learning is both exciting and enriching, we aim to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and thinkers who will shape the future of our world.









Members Benefits

We will hold regular workshops with public schools in conjunction with the Leonard Gelfand STEM Center. Group members will be given an opportunity to contribute to an electronic STEM "textbook" project, and also to create more concise academic resources like ebooks. These resources will be distributed to local schools. Volunteer hours can be given out through the Gelfand STEM Center.

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