Our Mission

We aim to utilize our unique student experiences and perspectives to offer domain-specific advice to all students in the Case School of Engineering in order to strive for the success of every engineer within the realms of academics, administration, professionalism, experiential education, and post-graduate planning.

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    Who are the Peer Advisors?

    Who are we?

    We are a group of thirteen upperclassmen that come from a diverse selection of engineering majors and minors, professional experiences, and extracurricular involvement.

    What do we do?

    We support all engineering students by using our student perspective to advise you on various topics including: major and minor selection, course requirements, undergraduate research, post-graduation planning, experiential learning, among other campus resources.

    Who do we work with?

    We work closely with the Dean of Engineering and engineering faculty to deeply understand the engineering curriculum, requirements, and policies.

    Where can you find us?

    The Peer Advisors are located in Nord 316 across from Einstein's Bagels. We have walk-in office hours from 9:00AM to 5:00PM Monday through Friday. Our office is closed from 12:30-1:30PM on Friday as we have our office meeting. We are also offering virtual appointments during varying times with the advisor of your choosing. Appointment slot times may vary based on each advisors availability.


    Peer Advisors


    BS/MS Students

    *Civil Engineering


    Professional and Industry Experiences

    7 student researchers
    2 have been on co-op
    11 have intern


    Pre-Med Students

    *Biomedical Engineering *Computer Science *Materials Science


    Engineering Majors

    *Exceptions are Engineering Physics, Data Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering


    Double Major

    *Biomedical  Engineering and Computer Science


    Grade Levels

    3 Third Year Student  
    8 Fourth Year Students 
    3 Fifth Year Students


    MEM Student

    *Civil Engineering