Climate Action Week 2023



"Educating or Greenwashing?" Kahoot with Sunrise CWRU

One of the most important skills to develop in today's age of disinformation is the ability to discern fact from fiction. Sunrise CWRU invites students, staff, and faculty to put their knowledge to the test. Kahoot quiz questions will concern the ongoing climate crisis, the university's climate action plan, and the climate action occurring on campus.


Alumni Panel: Sustainability & Climate Careers & Grad School Programs

Join The Office of Energy & Sustainability and the CWRU Climate Action Network to hear from CWRU Alumni that that are working in sustainability and climate careers or are enrolled in related graduate school programs.


Depolarizing Climate Change in the United States

Addressing climate change requires a society-wide effort sustained over decades, which likely cannot happen without bipartisan cooperation and broad public support. There have been recent bipartisan climate policies passed at the state and federal levels, however, and polls increasingly suggest broad and bipartisan support for addressing climate change, especially among younger voters. What does a bipartisan approach to addressing climate change look like?

Pizza with Cyrus: 10 Things To Know about Climate Change

This is a short introduction to climate change, from the basic science behind global warming, through the implications for the future, to the political obstacles, both global and local, to effectively addressing these challenges.


Weigh the Waste - A Dining Hall Plate Waste Study

CWRU Food Recover Network and Bon Appetit will help Leutner eaters divert and weigh their food waste at lunch on Thursday, October 5th. This event is meant to help showcase the climate impact of food waste choices.

Climate Mitigation, Adaptation and Action at the City and County

Join us for an evening with Sarah O'Keeffe and Mike Foley to discuss Climate Mitigation and Adaptation across Cleveland and Cuyahoga County. Moderated by Randi Leppla, Stanley & Hope Adelstein Director, CWRU Environmental Law Clinic


Bon Appetit Tabling on Eating Plant Based

Stop by and talk to Bon Appetit Fellow Elise Dudley who will be Tabling in Tink on Eating Plant Based and its health and climate impact on Friday, Oct 6, lunchtime.

Workshops for: Canal to Cuyahoga: Everlasting Plastics in Context

In conjunction with the symposium, "Canal to Cuyahoga: Everlasting Plastics in Context," we will be hosting two small group workshops on Friday, Oct. 6. From 12:30-2 in Mather House Room 100, Dr. Katie Schaag will lead a roundtable discussion of readings on plastics and plasticity. Lunch provided, limit of 15 participants. At 5pm, artists Simon Anton and Norman Teague will lead workshops on their artistic practice with waste plastics, in ThinkBox Activity Rooms A & B, dinner provided, limit of 20 participants. Advanced registration required.


Euclid Beach Cleanup Service Event

Come help us clean up Euclid Park Beach with the Alliance for the Great Lakes! This is a great opportunity to get involved in the community and get involved during Climate Action Week! Meetup will be at 8:45am outside of Thwing (Euclid side) where a shuttle will be transporting students to Euclid Park Beach

Canal to Cuyahoga: Everlasting Plastics in Context

A symposium co-hosted by CWRU's Department of Art History & Art, in collaboration with SPACES and the Cleveland Museum of Art. Featuring an artist panel, breakout sessions, and a keynote speaker, this symposium will serve as a forum to consider our cultural relationship to the ubiquity of plastic, its impact on material cultures, and the consequences and possibilities it entangles for our collective futures.

SHSA Sustainable Candle Making

Join SHSA for a sustainable candle making event! We will be providing all the materials to make your own eco-friendly candle so bring your friends for a fun weekend activity. There are limited spots available for this event so make sure to sign up to save your spot!