Emerging Leaders Program

About Us

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is a one-semester program specifically designed to provide first-year students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, build relationships across campus, and become engaged in the campus community. ELP develops leaders with the confidence, ability, and passion to be active and engaged leaders in their communities, as well as the foundation of leadership skills essential for lifelong leadership engagement. Participants learn about leadership and student organizations and graduate empowered to make a positive impact on our campus community.

Learn about yourself & your ability to lead through this semester-long leadership program for first-year students! All are welcome to participate, no matter if you're attending CWRU in-person or remotely!

Are you an Emerging leader?

Emerging Leaders are active and engaged first year students who want to learn more about themselves and the campus community. Both inexperienced and experienced student leaders participate and benefit from the Emerging Leaders Program.

The deadline to apply is September 15, 2020.

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Personal Discovery

Identify your strengths

Establish your values

Pinpoint your passions and purpose


Develop leadership skills

Cultivate diversity and inclusion

Build group development and team-building skills


Benefit from mentorship

Connect with other student leaders

Become a part of a community


Determine a vision for your leadership experience at CWRU

Move forward with confidence in your abilities as a leader

Leave with an action plan

"You get connected and are accepted into a community who cares. You are never told you can't lead because of who you are. You are instead encouraged to be the best at what you love and develop your personal strengths, find your own sense of leadership."


"You begin the program as one person, you end the program as an entirely new person who is more confident and knows so much more about themselves."


"The only thing you could lose by participating in this program is time, and even so, it's only a loss if you don't actually participate. Otherwise, it's a transaction, and a good one at that. For a small amount of time here and there, you get valuable insight and connections, and possibly a changed outlook on life."


"ELP has helped me meet people from all around campus. I have also become more confident in using my leadership skills!"


ELP in the News!

2016 ELPers Adrian Hattan and Nadia Barbo (pictured in the crowns in the top row) were chosen as Homecoming royalty in Fall 2019. ELPers go on to be very involved in the CWRU community!