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About Us

The Feminist Collective at Case Western Reserve University will attempt to bring awareness to the many political, social, and economic issues women and other oppressed populations face in society today. While many believe that women's rights no longer need to be discussed, the truth is that many women and other groups still face subjugation, oppression, and discrimination. This not only affects women in society but cis-men, LGBTQ+ individuals, people of color, neuro-atypical, differently abled, and all others affected by oppressive sociocultural, political, and economic forces. By unmasking and bringing public awareness to the obstacles we face daily, we will fight to bring justice, equity, equality, and respect to all individuals on this campus.









Members Benefits

Members of the Feminist Collective at CWRU have the opportunity to connect with other intersectional feminists in at CWRU and in the Cleveland community, as well as to work with external organizations that share a similar goal like Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio. Through various fundraisers and events, our members build their skills in activism and their knowledge of intersectional feminism.

Events & Activities

Join us in our activism, educational/awareness based events, and feminist mixers!


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We work with local and national organisations that include Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio, The Flora Stone Mather Center for Women, the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, and more!

Our Team

T'nyah Brown
Nil Kincak
Risk Manager
Gloria Liu
Avantika Khanna
Outreach Coordinator
Jaya Patten
Outreach Coordinator
Caroline Schafer