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Founded in 2018 by students who recognized a need for an organization that supports first-generation college students on CWRU's campus, First CWRU acts as both a social hub for first-gen students and a resource for anything from interview prep to mental health awareness. We offer many events and fundraisers throughout the year. We've had speakers come in to talk about how to apply for internships, social hangouts where we serve food, a Jeopardy! gamenight, and even a banquet to celebrate the end of the school year and present the First-Gen Scholars Scholarship to the recipient. Whether you're new to CWRU or you're a super senior, we welcome you into the group with open arms!

What does being first-gen mean?

Simply put, being first-generation means that you are the first in your family to attend college. However, that broad definition can be confusing for a lot of people. What if your older sibling attended college? Grandparents? Your parents graduated from a university in a different country?

To narrow this definition a little, people are considered first-generation college students when their parents have received none to some college education (meaning earned an associate's degree or less) and/or their parent received a college education outside of the US. All children in a family are considered first-generation college students because they all grew up in the same environment.



Oct 6th - Study Tips and Resources on Campus
Oct 20th - Mental Health and First-Gen Students

And more TBA!


Keep an eye out for our emails and on our events page for up-to-date details about our next social event!


Fall Fundraisers
Pie Exec in the Face!
Chocolate Bar Sales

Spring Fundraisers

Proceeds from our fundraisers go towards our First-Gen Scholar Scholarship recipient(s)!


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