Graduate Council of Arts & Sciences

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What is GCAS?

GCAS is a diverse group of graduate and professional students that works hard to foster a sense of community within the College of Arts & Sciences. We address issues and concerns among our graduate students while also working with the Case Western administration to make fair and equitable decisions. Additionally, we host numerous social and professional development events throughout the year to make sure that our graduate students have everything they need to succeed both inside and outside graduate school.

Who are GCAS?

Lauren Calandruccio
Arvind Singh Heer
Yu-Hao Sun
Information Officer
Aneesha Avasthi
Ray Garner
Cameron Griffith
Ellyn Evans
Vivek Saraswat
GSC Representative

Who can join GCAS?

Any graduate or professional student in the College of Arts & Sciences are members of GCAS! As a member, you get a monthly newsletter with info about what events GCAS is planning, departmental news from across the College, and events and goings-on in Cleveland that might be of interest to you!

Events & Activities

Among our events you'll find our Executive Board and General Assembly meetings as well as social and professional development events open to all graduate students!

Exclusive Resources

Do you want to know who your Departmental Representative is? Do you want to take a look at our Constitution? We've got all those resources and more!