HyperCase Leadership

A collaborative leadership board, here to help students and faculty.

HyperCase's student leadership comes from a broad background and resides in the School of Medicine. Leadership is separated in branches which aim to coordinate students, faculty, financial resources, in the hopes of easing innovation.

Salsabeel Salem Profile

Salsabeel Salem

VP of Marketing
Ridaa Ali Profile

Ridaa Ali

VP of Finance
Sai Charmitha Yelampalli Profile

Sai Charmitha Yelampalli

VP of Faculty and Stakeholder
Heather Simons Profile

Heather Simons

VP of Strategy
Jyoti Ranjan Swain Profile

Jyoti Ranjan Swain

Technology Officer
Oscar Ose Profile

Oscar Ose

VP of Executive Management
Atharva Gupta Profile

Atharva Gupta

Technology Officer
Sajan Patel Profile

Sajan Patel

VP of Curriculum
Joshua Bruce Profile

Joshua Bruce

Curriculum Officer
Olivia Asimakis Profile

Olivia Asimakis

VP of Faculty and Stakeholder
Andrew Qi Profile

Andrew Qi

Dev Gupta Profile

Dev Gupta

VP of Finance
Tanya Singh Profile

Tanya Singh

VP of Outreach
Kayla Klatt Profile

Kayla Klatt

Joseph Jankowski Profile

Joseph Jankowski