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Promote creative expression through one of the world's most unique building systems in relaxed, biweekly meetings. This club is being built for Fall 2022, so if you would like to support us with your signature, OR become part of our exec board, click here:









Members Benefits

The opportunity to freely design with Lego parts at no cost! We want you to come into our meetings, grab a box full of random parts, and build whatever comes to mind, whether that be aerodynamic spaceships or miniature landscapes. "Ok, but how does this club REALLY work?" We intend to host a series of biweekly GB meetings, where attendees will vote for an (optional) prompt. From there, members will use parts from bins and spend 1-1.5 hours freely building what they can think of. The best of the builds may even receive a prize for their efforts! We hope that these meetings will be relaxing for our members, and a great way to stimulate creativity.

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Meeting new students with shared interest

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Jennifer Lawrence
Emma Borden
Aria Kazemi
Adeeb Khan
Em Sandler
Winston Li
Matthew Williams


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