Office of Multicultural Affairs

OMA works to develop an inclusive CWRU community, one that supports all students, respects and celebrates their identities, and facilitates their success.


About Us

OUR PLEDGE Is to enhance the harmony of the diverse, multi-ethnic CWRU community through maximizing the mutual acceptance of all individuals. OUR MISSION To encourage, support and facilitate the success of all CWRU students by providing opportunities for diverse interaction and cultural education that occurs outside the classroom environment.









Our Team

Chae Eun Lee Profile

Chae Eun Lee

Graduate Intern
Salma Suhaiba Profile

Salma Suhaiba

Student Coordinator
Mariah Salloum Profile

Mariah Salloum

Assistant Director for Student Programming & Operations
Fatima Memon Profile

Fatima Memon

Graduate Student Coordinator
Stephen Furlow Profile

Stephen Furlow

Associate Director for Community Engagement & Partnership
Mariangel Arrieta Profile

Mariangel Arrieta

Student Coordinator
Mashaal Qureshi Profile

Mashaal Qureshi

Student Coordinator
Julia Tulha Hochstetler Profile

Julia Tulha Hochstetler

Student Coordinator
Janee Kelly Profile

Janee Kelly

Randy Blackford Profile

Randy Blackford

Sr. Assistant Director for Multicultural Education & Outreach

OMA was an integral part of my CWRU experience and my professional development as the staff served as mentors and connected me to the resources I needed to be successful.

OMA also served as my safe haven at a predominantly white institution so I could connect with other Jamaican students and also with other underrepresented students to form a support network for those times when I missed home the most.

Brittany Chung


For me, it's almost another part of home. It's not really an office, it's where I socialize with my friends, meet for important topics, nap for hours at a time, eat good authentic ethnic food during our Kickbacks, have the silliest and most intellectual conversations, meet new amazing people literally all the time, get my homework done, work, de-stress, honestly everything. I spend a ridiculous amount time in here because I feel like I can be all the different versions of myself at one time without judgement. Everyone there is family and truly cares about my wellbeing and success. I wish we had a bigger space because we're getting a little crammed in here, but it's the best place to be on campus.

Fatima Rahman


OMA, to me, is vast, and contains multitudes. To me, OMA is the place I am so proud to work for. OMA is the place where I study, where I eat lunch, where all of my friends hang out, where I nap and rest and vent and drink tea and learn new about everything I could have wanted to know about programming on campus. It's the place on the main quad where I feel the safest, the comfiest, the happiest, and the strongest. I've received great news in there, cried in there, struggled and celebrated in there. It's my home on the main quad, and I honestly don't know, and wouldn't want to know, what my college years would have looked like if I had never walked through that door.

Viral Mistry


I love coming to OMA. I always feel welcome when I open the door because of the many hello's and smiling faces.

It is a place where I can go and not feel so tense about the multiple things I have to do.

I enjoy the various conversations I have with everyone and of course all the food!

OMA is my safe haven.

Kennedi Allen