Fall 2023

"Fun Home"

Book & Lyrics by Lisa Kron Music by Jeanine Tesori

Directed by Ryan Malkin

This is a musical based on the graphic novel/memoir by the same name, written by Alison Bechdel. The childhood storyline follows Alison in her youth, growing up in Beech Creek, PA The college storyline follows Alison's sexual and political awakening. While writing the memoir, Alison reaches a sense of closure about the recent events of her life.

The Cast

Adult Alison: Sara Ramaiah

Medium Alison: Rachel Greidinger

Small Alison: Sydney Raby

Bruce Bechdel: Axel Gawronski

Helen Bechdel: Johanna Perry

John Bechdel Molly Zugner

Christian Bechdel: Sophie Bruch

Joan: Maddie Pollock

Roy, Mark, Pete, & Bobby Jeremy: Liz Odife

Swing: Rachel Gopalani

"Gruesome Playground Injuries" by Rajiv Joseph

Directed by Maizy Windham

Gruesome Playground Injuries is a dark comedy that follows the intertwining lives of Kayleen and Doug. The two friends have known each other since they were eight years old and continue to meet and separate as they experience various injuries - both emotionally and physically.

The Cast

Doug: Gryffin Hauenstein

Kayleen: Ave Tallarida

Spring 2023

"Hamlet" by William Shakespeare

Directed by Macy Dickerson

Hamlet is one of Shakespeare's most famous and widely celebrated plays, a tragedy about revenge, family, betrayal, and morality

The Cast

Hamlet: Rachel Greidinger

Claudius: Giuseppe Llovet-Nava

Horatio: Margot McCann

Ophelia: Emily Kuntz

Gertrude: Anna Cormier

Polonius: Riley Howard Bursh

Laertes: Lex Scott

Rosencrantz: Mary Coulter

Guildenstern: Dora Starr Poulos

Marcellus/Player King: Antonio Grazioli

Bernardo/Messenger: Anna-Sung Park

Ghost: Nastassja Minson

Gravedigger/Francisco: Rowan Talmadge

Osric/Lucianus: Axel Gawronski

Player Queen/Priest: Sylvie Crowell

"The Fantasticks"

Book & Lyrics by Tom Jones | Music by Harvey Schmitt

Directed by: Anna Cormier

This is one of the longest-running musicals ever. The Fantasticks is a charming and intimate musical that follows young lovers kept apart by their fathers. The story is told by our narrator, El Gallo, who urges us to use our imaginations and delve into the world of wonder and merriment.

The Cast

El Gallo: Josue Cervantes

Luisa: Sydney Raby

Matt: Jonathan Morris

Hucklebee: Axel Gawronski

Bellomy: Sophie Bruch

Henry: Caroline Gee

Mortimer: Angela Rich

Mute: Jonas Muhlenkamp

Pianist: Cameron Celebuski

"The Found Dog Ribbon Dance" by Dominic Finocchiaro

Directed by Campbell Dukes

This is a modern, comedic play that follows a professional cuddler as she navigates adult life and relationships. She is accompanied in this by a stray dog she finds and takes in.

The Cast

Norma: Margot McCann

Norm: Macy Dickerson

Dave: Giuseppe Llovet-Nava

Colt: Malachi Levy

Xeno: Maizy Windham

Trista: Maddie Pollock

Harrison: Avry Rechel

Miranda: Angela Howell

Dog: Mary Coulter

Photos by: Elena Cangahuala | Instagram: pics.by.elena

Fall 2022

"It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play" By Joe Landry

Directed by Olivia Hovis & Ashley Rosinski

Based on the classic American Christmas Movie, "It's a Wonderful Life", this show is a live radio production of this well known story, set in a 1940's radio studio. A handful of actors plated the parts of dozens of characters, complete with live foley effects!

The Cast

Jake Laurents - Giuseppe Llovet-Nava

Freddie Filmore - Vince Hoppel

Harry "Jazzbo" Heywood - Macy Dickerson

Sally Applewhite - Nastassja Minson

Lana Sherwood - Daryna Yakovleva

Potter - Ben Browngardt

Matilda - Riley Howard Bursh

Billy Bailey - Jonathan Morris

Foley Artist - Gabby Olivares

Foley Artist - Yu Xia

Spring 2022

"The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?" By Edward Albee

Directed by Oliver Schumacher & Kethan Srinivasan

This play follows the Gray family as their lives crumble when it comes out that the father, Martin, has fallen in love with a goat named Sylvia. This play forces audience members to face their own moral judgements

The Cast

Martin Gray: Campbell Dukes

Stevie Gray: Emily Kuntz

Billy Gray: Nastassja Minson

Ross Tuttle: Malachi Levy

Photos by Ethan Kinstler | Instagram: ekinstler_photography