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The Office of Student Activities and Leadership is excited to utilize StrengthsQuest with many of our student organizations and leadership programs. Students beginning their StrengthsQuest journey start with a 30 minute online assessment, the Clifton StrengthsFinder. Over 8 million people have taken this assessment to become clued into their talents and strengths potential.

The StrengthsQuest program is based on six principles of human nature & behavior:

  1. 1

    You have a group of talents within you

  2. 2

    Your greatest talents hold the key to high achievement, success, & progress at levels of personal excellence

  3. 3

    Becoming aware of your talents builds confidence & provides a basis for achievement

  4. 4

    Learning how to develop & apply strengths will improve your levels of achievement

  5. 5

    Each of your talents can be applied in many areas including service, relationships, learning, academics, leadership, & careers

  6. 6

    As you develop & apply strengths, achievements will increase & you will experience greater & more frequent successes


Take Advantage of StrengthsQuest at CRWU!

The assessment gives students their top 5 signature themes of strength. There are 34 possible signature themes of strength, and each signature theme contains your natural talents. The themes play off of each other so two students can have the same strength with differing talents described.

The Office of Student Activities & Leadership is excited to host a series of programs that will give students the opportunity to discover and apply their strengths. Explore our 4-tier learning opportunities.

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How can StrengthQuest help in organizations or teams?

When team members understand and utilize their strengths they are more likely to be productive and engaged members. Strong teams are well rounded and capitalize on the unique strengths of each individual members. Keeping the four domains of leadership strength in mind, organizations can be more aware of their team balance and can be more mindful or dividing projects based on talent.

How unique are my results?

The chances of having the exact same Top 5 Signature Themes of Talent in the exact order as someone else is 1 in 33.39 million. The chances of having the same Top 5 Talent Themes as someone else (but in a different order) is approximately 1 in 340,000.

Why do I only receive my top 5 signature themes of talent?

The talents you identified under your signature themes are natural, recurring patterns of thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. The talents found in your Signature Themes are things you do naturally—like breathing. You can't not do them. You actually do them without even trying. You are given only five themes so that you can hone in on your most dominant talents thus providing your greatest opportunity for strength.

What about my weakness or being well-rounded?

The strengths-based approach is not about ignoring weaknesses or striving to be well-rounded. It is important to be aware of areas that are not strengths; however, instead of spending a lot of time and energy trying to turn those weaknesses into strengths, figure out ways to manage those weaknesses so that they don't prevent you from being successful.

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