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About Us

Weatherhead Women in Business is an organization established to provide business-minded women and supporters of women with the background and network to support them in their professional endeavors. We aim to increase awareness of gender issues in the workplace and to inspire our female student body by providing resources to help them achieve their goals. We are always looking to connect students to successful female professionals across all industries and fields who can provide mentorship and sponsorship in and out of the workplace. We innovate ways to create unique networking events and provide female students with job opportunities through our extensive alumni network. Weatherhead Women in Business seeks to

Innovate, Network, Support, Promote, Inform, Reach out and encourage Entrepreneurship (INSPIRE). We INSPIRE women in business.









Members Benefits

Access to member benefit programs which feature exclusive internships, jobs, and networking events from alumni, current students, local and international companies, and more. Branded on behalf of Weatherhead Women in Business, each event offers and opportunity for personal and professional development of yourself and your network.

Events & Activities

We will host periodic events meant to enrich your lives and foster a sense of community to extend beyond graduation.

Exclusive Resources

As a well known organization at Weatherhead School of Management we are able to access various resources for personal and professional development.


The relationships built in and out of the classroom allow for an extensive network that will grow as you continue in your journey.

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