FIRST Alumni and Robotics at CWRU

CWRU's official FIRST Alumni Group! #morethanrobots


Our Mission

To “pay it forward” by fostering inspiration, leadership, professional and personal development, the FIRSTⓇ Core Values, and Gracious ProfessionalismⓇ among FIRSTⓇ students and alumni of all backgrounds through education, mentorship, and volunteerism.

Our Membership Benefits

We connect members of FAR@CWRU to mentorship opportunities with local Cleveland area teams and volunteer opportunities at official and unofficial competitions around the Ohio, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania (WOW) region, allowing our members to pay it forward so others go far! We also extend a positive impact around the world through our online resource library. Through our organization, our members can pass on their experiences, connect with other like-minded Alumni, and continue to grow as the leaders that FIRST helped start them off to be! FAR@CWRU also engages in numerous other member-led projects, like helping run and maintain the Great Lakes Science Center's wooden practice field to developing a standardized machine shop training safety course for local teams. If you have an idea, we would love to hear it!

Our Executive Board

Jonathan Burton
Tyler Zupfer
Zeynep Bastas
PR Officer
Kathryn Daltorio
Kevin Salipante
Priyanka Agochiya
Daven Sarikonda


FIRST Alumni and Robotics at CWRU

Richey Mixon Building, 11201 Cedar Ave
Cedar Ave OH 44106