Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

We have a jam packed semester full of fun, informative, and entertaining events, all centered around the different facets of healthcare.

This year, the WHC Executive Board is planning on having speakers via zoom every other week on Fridays. We will also have speakers on non-Fridays so stay on the lookout for those! The weeks in between, there will be a regular in-person meeting at the same time (Friday 4pm) mixed in with some Happy hour events at Jolly Scholar and Fairmont. This is what we have coming up:

September 17th, 4pm

Jolly Scholar In-person - Happy Hour Event

September 23rd, 4-5pm

Will Lewis, Chairman/CEO, Insmed

September 24th, 4pm

Speaker Magone Fall via Zoom - Cybersecurity at Cleveland Clinic

September 29th, 12pm to 12:45pm

Karen McGuire: CEO/Co-Founder

Bob Hurwitz: Chairman Howard Bobrow: Legal Counsel


October 7th, 4pm

Will Lewis, Chairman/CEO, Insmed

October 8th, 4pm

Speaker Cathy Underwood via Zoom - Medical Device Company

October 14th, 8:30-9:30am

Will Lewis, Chairman/CEO, Insmed

October 15th, 4pm

Jolly Scholar/Fairmont In-person -Happy Hour

October 22nd, 4pm

Speaker Raj Panwar, LNHA, PT via Zoom - Nursing Home Administrator

October 29th, 4pm

Jolly Scholar/Fairmont In-person - Happy Hour

November 4th, 4pm

Speaker Dan Herman, CWRU Alumni In-person - Healthcare IT Consulting

November 11th, 4pm

Jolly Scholar/Fairmont In-person - Happy Hour

December 3rd, 4pm -

Speaker Ashi Batchu MCsquared via Zoom - Simplified Medical Billing