Executive Committee

How does UDC function?

The UDC executive committee is comprised of the President and supporting Vice Presidents as listed above. Among these positions, are the Diversity Leaders' Roundtable (DLR) which consists of one representative from each member organization to vote on new executive policies, the recognition of new organizations, and constitutional amendments.

To assist the executive board is four committees led by their respective Vice President. These committees are made up of at least one representative from each member organization along with additional volunteers.


Maintains the UDC budget, distributes mass funding, and processes transactions and purchases for UDC organizations.

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Public Relations

Maintains the branding, marketing, and outreach of UDC and events. This includes the upkeep of UDC's website, campus newsletter, and social media presence.

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Campus Initiatives

Develops new strategic initiatives to make CWRU's campus a more diverse and inclusive place for all students.

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Internal Development

Dedicated towards growing UDC and its organization, while providing resources to ensure there success. This includes managing the recognition process of applying orgs, mentoring the growth of newly established orgs, and increasing collaboration between current orgs.

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Plans and organizes UDC's flagship events such as World Expo and Global Gala. The Programming Committee also manages co-programming opportunities in addition to supporting new and smaller organizations with their event planning.

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Diversity Leaders Roundtable

Representatives of each UDC organization that serve as the voting member and liaison for their group. The DLR votes to recognize new organizations, changes to policies or governing documents, as well as the formation of ad hoc committees.

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