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UDC-Recognition Process

Our community is filled with passionate undergraduate students who wish to continue to build a diverse and inclusive campus.

Each semester, we hold a conference followed by elections to recognize new organizations that share UDC's mission and devotion to building the campus community. Wish to start a new organization or have a current organization that you want recognized? See the application process below!

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Applications for Fall 2020 close October 14th!

  • Step One - Submit Application Materials

    To begin the application process, the following (as detailed in Article III section A of our Executive Policies) must be completed:

    A. Complete the form above providing the list and contact information for your organization's officers as well as your staff adviser.

    B. Submit a proposed operating budget for your organization for the upcoming semester

    C. Submit an organization charter/constitution delineating the organization’s purpose, structure, and operating procedures

    D. Submit a list of at least 10 members with their Case IDs.

    Note: Items B, C, and D should be emailed to prior to the semester deadline noted in the form.


    Step Two - Org Recognition Conference (ORC)

    Once Step One is completed, you will be contacted by the VP of Internal Development within a week after the application deadline with an invitation to this semester's Organization Recognition Conference. Your representatives will be given 5 minutes to present to the ORC about your organization with a 10-minute question and answer session. You will be expected to have at least two members present and a slide presentation ready.

  • Step Three - Diversity Leaders Roundtable (DLR)

    Once membership is approved, your application will be presented to the Diversity Leader’s Roundtable (DLR) for membership recognition during the following DLR. You will be expected to present in the same format as ORC with any necessary changes implemented following that meeting. A full description of the membership recognition process is detailed in Article 3 of the UDC Executive Policies and is followed by a vote from DLR for final recognition approval.