Finance Committee

The UDC Finance Committee

The Finance Committee develops the UDC's annual budget, maintains the financial records of the UDC member organizations, and supports and assists organizations in developing their semester budgets. The Finance Committee works with the Vice President of Finance to approve mass funding, rolling funding, reallocation requests, and reimbursements.

Finance Committee Contact Information

Rounak Chawla, Vice President of Finance | Email:
Finance Committee Members | Email:

Individual Finance Treasurers
Alyssia Broncano (
Brandon Dunbar (
Helen Wang (
JC Schmidt (
Joshua Rosenberg (
Justin Hu (
Katharine Toledo (
Kayele Silue (
Rounak Chawla (

Mass Funding

A guide to completing Mass Funding in CampusGroups can be found here.
The presentation from VP Zope can be found here.

Mass Funding Guidelines

Finance Committee Meetings

The UDC Finance Committee meets weekly unless noted otherwise. These meetings are open and any member of the student body is able to sit in on these meetings, with the exception of closed meetings. All minutes from these meetings will be provided below.

Meeting Dates/Times: Sundays at 2 pm in the Spartan Room in Thwing Center

Finance Committee Minutes

All minutes from Finance Committee Meetings can be found here.

VP Chawla's Office Hours

If you would like to set up a meeting, please reach out to VP Chawla at

Useful Resources

UDC Finance Bylaws

Reallocation Form