Our Story, the story of how we came to be the CWRU Chapter of the AMA

Marketing enthusiasts seeking authentic marketing insights

About Us

Every successful organization has a story, here is ours:

We are a group of undergraduate marketing enthusiasts, whose intellectual curiosity and eagerness to contribute to the field of marketing, inspired a search for authentic marketing insights and resources that covered every aspect of marketing. Marketing, is a discipline that involves areas of interest, as diverse as, story telling, digital marketing, graphics, branding, design, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, selling and sales management, customer relationship management, market research and marketing analytics etc. We needed a hub that unites us all and encourages and empowers us to seek and improve in the specific aspect of marketing that appeals to each of us as individuals.  That is why we have brought this CWRU Chapter of the AMA to our campus.   We are motivated by our passion for seeking out the latest trends and insights in marketing, and  to use what we learn in our professional lives. We want to enrich the academic experience of marketing enthusiasts.


We seek to unite marketing enthusiasts  and empower them to gain marketing insights and  professional benefits that enhance the understanding of  marketing, and encourage innovative thought leadership in marketing.


Campus wide appreciation for marketing and its many applications and uses in everyday life that benefits the entire University community.