Latest News Community Service Chapter Grant

The AMA Foundation Collegiate Chapter Community Service Grant is awarded to AMA Collegiate Chapters in good standing that have proposed a community service project which attempts to strengthen the marketing program and support a local or national nonprofit organization through an innovative and creative approach using marketing. Find out more here

Marketing Automation

As use of AI and other software increase in optimizing ROI from marketing processes. It makes sense to explore well known platforms like MARKETO.

A great  suggestion for marketing enthusiasts, is to explore the following link to get free information and perhaps eventually a certification in Marketo.

This would look great on your resume and you can do it on your own time.

AMA Collegiate Case Competition

The AMA Collegiate Case Competition is a year-long event that brings together top marketing students to work on a business challenge submitted by a sponsoring organization. The case sponsor provides a detailed marketing problem and is looking to gain the perspective of AMA students. They develop a marketing strategy in this nationally recognized competition.

For more details please see here.