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TUG is a subgroup within the greater data community at CRWU - Data Users Group (DUG). We are a group of faculty, staff, and students that are passionate about data. We use Tableau, an analytics software platform to analyze, visualize and share data insights. We strive to create an open, engaging community that learns and grows together using Tableau. We have regular meetings where we share tips and tricks, as well as community success stories, which anyone is welcome to attend. No experience in Tableau is necessary to join.

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    Data Users Group (DUG)

    Become a part of a bigger data community at CWRU. 
    Slack Channel
    CampusGroup Site

    Data Governance Committee

    Get more information about the implementation of the Data Governance. Program on campus
    CampusGroup Site

    Community of Practice

    Find out more about professional development opportunities in data analytics for faculty and staff through the Professional Development Center. 
    CampusGroup Site

    TUG Tableau Public

    Share and view dashboards created by CWRU TUG members on our Tableau Public Site.

    Tableau Creator Resources

    Resources for Tableau Creators, such as access to enterprise template, guidelines, standards, best practices.
    Canvas Course Site
    (by permission only for faculty and staff use)

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    Katie Reynolds
    Tableau Community Leader