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*This group is only open to current faculty and staff at Case Western Reserve University


Data Governance at CWRU

There is an increasing demand for accessing raw data and valuable data insights for decision-making at all levels of our organizational structure. This is especially true as data structures evolve and enterprise technology systems are replaced with new systems. Currently, we do not have an infrastructure for the education of data literacy or the policies and procedures for ensuring our organizational data assets are collected, reported, cataloged, stored, and shared in line with data governance, compliance, and security best practices.

Data governance can help us manage data assets in a thoughtful, collaborative manner through an institutional lens with strategic alignment. The CWRU Data Governance Committee (comprised of Faculty and Staff), in conjunction with the offices of Institutional Research and Data Management, Analytics, and Visualization, is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive data governance program for the University. The ultimate goal is creating and fostering data literacy and a strategy for data management, architecture, and institutional analysis.

What drives us

Democratizing university data assets and realizing the value of our data through policy initiatives


The overarching mission of the Data Governance Committee is to promote the collection, security, stewardship, and ethical use of institutional data. This approach combines elements of data management and governance to facilitate data-informed decisions across the University.


The scope includes student, faculty, administrative, research administration, and clinical data maintained by Case Western Reserve University.

Our Committee Members

The Data Governance Committee is an employee driven committee designed to comprise representatives from the major strategic stakeholders across campus. Members are expected to provide critical perspectives that reflect their areas of our organization to ensure all areas of the university have a voice in creating the data governance infrastructure at CWRU. Members are also expected to be knowledgeable about campus culture regarding privacy, freedom of inquiry, and institutional risk tolerance.










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