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The Residence Hall Association (RHA) and its eight Community Councils strive to build community in the residence halls and enhance the Residential Experience. RHA works closely with the Offices of Residence Life, Housing, and Facilities Services to advocate for students living in university-owned housing.



In the summer of 2017, the acting Executive Board outlined and defined five core values to which the organization shall hereby adhere.

These values are:

  • Community
  • Meaningful Work
  • Representation
  • Growth
  • Enjoyment


The Residence Hall Association was formed in 1992 through a merger of the North Campus Association and the South Campus Association. The new organization affiliated itself with the National Association of College and University Residence Halls NACURH and the regional Central Atlantic Affiliate for College and University Residence Halls (CACCURH). RHA has grown in size and scope since the original merger and is now one of the largest student organizations on campus.


Organizational Structure

There are eight Community Councils serving the eight Residential Colleges. Five Community Councils are open to first-year students (Cedar, Clarke Tower, Juniper, Magnolia, and Mistletoe), three to second-year students (Carlton Road, Clarke Tower, and Murray Hill), and one to upperclass students (Upperclass).

Members of the community elect a community-wide Council President as well as a House Representative for each building in the Residential College. The President, Vice-President, House Representatives of each council, as well as at-large members, attend the General Body meeting of RHA weekly. This gathering of representatives from the eight Community Councils provides a forum to discuss residential issues, vote on measures, and enact positive and collaborative change across campus. The General Body and RHA as a whole is overseen by the seven-member Executive Board, elected by the General Body in the spring to one-year terms.