Community Council Position Descriptions

Community Representative

There are multiple Community Representatives for each Council. Community Representatives have the most dynamic of all Council positions. Community Representatives are able to serve in many of the traditional roles of an organization, such as Secretary, Marketing Chair, and Programming Chair. But they are also able to combine roles or parts of roles to better leverage their talents and abilities.

Community Councils are the aspect of RHA that is most directly connected to the residents of that community, as the council is composed of residents living in that specific residential area. In a typical year, community councils will form & host programs for their residential community, in addition to advocating for & building connections with those students. This year, however, due to programming restrictions & the need for a more distanced approach to residential living, community councils’ members will mostly advocate for the needs of residents in their community.

Advocacy is one of the most fruitful aspects of joining RHA, as it allows you to improve the experience of all people living in your community. Community council representatives are able to follow their passions on personal projects with the support of their councils and the Executive Board of RHA. Some advocacy projects community council members have pursued in the past include: installing water bottle fillers in the residence halls, enabling free use of the laundry machines, and making resources available for residents, ranging from vacuum cleaners to kitchenware.

The Council is given the ability to develop its own organizational structure and positions and Community Representatives benefit greatly in holding roles that are specifically tailored for their interests, talents, and passions. It is expected that community council members dedicate one hour a week for community council meetings.

If you are interested in getting involved with RHA's Community Councils, apply here! Applications are open Aug. 15th through Sept. 1st at 11:59pm.