Res Hall Rendezvous

Find out more about campus housing options, get your pressing questions answered, and take a look at where you'll be calling home soon!

Submit Your Suite

Take a video of your suite and submit it for others to see. All entries will receive a $5 Dunkin Gift Card, and will be entered for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch!

Ask Away

Join us Sunday, February 28th from 1:00-2:30pm to ask RHA Exec and University Housing Representatives any questions you may have about housing next year.

About Us

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is one of the largest student organizations at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) and the only student organization that focuses on programming, advocacy and leadership development for the residents living on campus.

Our Three Pillars

RHA is focused on bettering ourselves and our community. Everybody has room to grow as a leader. We focus on developing programming and advocacy skills, while helping you be able to take on more responsibility.


Programming is all about creating and running events, with a purpose, to better our community.


We provide opportunities for students to give feedback on housing and we work to fix the problems we know of. We can't help if we don't know about it.

Leadership Development

Everyday we help and encourage our members to become better leaders, through different in house events and by giving them different responsibilities.

Want to join RHA?

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